Strategic Corporate Philanthropy

A strong and sustainable society - globally, or locally - is advantageous for the long term development of a company. Through strategic corporate philanthropy, companies can invest in the development of innovative ideas within environment, health, culture, human rights, development and much more. By investing financially in projects or organizations that mirror the value system and core mission of the company, as well as the interests of customers and other stakeholders, it is possible to maximize very stable and positive internal and external branding opportunities. Corporate philanthropy also leads to new communication opportunities, and a sense of pride, trust and motivation in employees. By giving organizations and projects the opportunity of consistent financial support it will be easier for them to achieve their overriding goals. Goals reached can in turn be communicated in an effective manner.

Strategic corporate philanthropy is gaining considerable momentum in northern Europe, where the praxis does not carry tradition. It is increasingly important for companies to be viewed as socially responsible partners both nationally and internationally. Filantropa's customers are companies with no current philanthropic portfolio, as well as companies with ad-hoc giving plans not well rooted within the company. In other cases, customers are international companies which have not been successful in communicating their existing corporate philanthropic portfolio to the local offices and thereby don't gain the desired effects internally, or externally.

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